With 15+ years of experience, I’m a pro website designer & developer with a keen eye for clean, user-friendly, detail-oriented design and semantic, standards-compliant code. I love working with HTML5/CSS3/jQuery/PHP, Bootstrap, WordPress, and Photoshop!

Pleasure to e-meet you!

I developed a passion for this when I was 16 years old. I had already begun learning to code (started with C++ in the late 90s, being forced to then learn Pascal, COBOL =/ to “get back to the roots.” ) then eventually coming to HTML/CSS + adding graphics — I fell in love! You mean I can design a UI, then make it actually work in a browser and potentially millions of people can use something IIII made?? I’d decided right then and immediately told my 4-time programming teacher something like: “This is it, this will be my career!” A few years later, after getting my degree & first post-university job at a big web-shop (ELS), I got to go back to my old high-school and tell Mr. Medina I’d followed through w/my word.

Hi, my name is Paul and I’m a pro web designer & developer w/15+ years of experience. Almost a decade of that experience includes being ‘Web Services Director / Senior Lead Developer’ at a prominent, multi-million dollar South Texas ad agency where task #1 was to create a brand new web department from the ground up. Under my direction and implementation of functional protocols, strategies, and some good-ol’ web design & dev skills, the newly-formed web department established a new standard of excellence for the agency that continues to precede prospective client expectations and consistently brings in 1/3 of the yearly, total agency revenue.

Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of building websites for a variety of industries, including travel, education, finance, music & gear, auto sports, food & dining, industrial products & equipment, among others. I enjoy giving people & their businesses a place on the web while having an active role in their success, and also take pride in empowering them to manage their site independently!

I live in South Texas with my wife & three daughters that I adore, and enjoy backyard cookouts, writing original music, and modifying cars.